Jet-Set Pets: A Guide to Pet-Friendly International Airlines and Their Fees

The world is your playground, and your furry friend doesn’t have to stay behind! In today’s travel-savvy world, many airlines embrace pet parents who crave jet-setting adventures with their companions. 

A 2023 Pet Travel Industry Association study revealed that 62% of pet owners consider their pets a family member and would like to include them in travel plans whenever possible. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring ancient ruins with your canine confidante or basking on a sun-drenched beach with your feline friend, there’s a pet-friendly airline waiting to whisk you both away.

Taking your furry friend on an international adventure can be exciting, but navigating the requirements can feel overwhelming. This guide simplifies unpacking the essentials of flying with pets on international airlines.

Before you book your flights, understand the airline and destination country’s weight and breed restrictions. Use resources like travel platforms (TIOs) to find pet-friendly accommodations at your final stop.

Know Before You Go: The Pet Policy 

The first step to a smooth journey is understanding the specific pet policies of your chosen airline. These policies cover everything from size and breed restrictions to in-cabin versus cargo transport options.

Planning an international trip with your furry friend can feel overwhelming. That’s where TIO comes in! We’re your one-stop shop for navigating the world of pet-friendly airlines.

Important Considerations

While navigating airline pet fees is crucial, a successful journey requires more than just financial planning. Here are some additional considerations:

  • Destination Regulations:

Each country has its pet import regulations. Research your destination thoroughly to understand required vaccinations, health certificates, or quarantine procedures.

  • Microchip Magic:

Ensure your pet is microchipped before international travel. This significantly increases the chances of a happy reunion should your pet become separated from you during travel.

  • Fit for Flight:

Schedule a preflight vet visit to ensure your pet is healthy for air travel. Some airlines may require a veterinarian’s clearance for travel, especially for brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds that can experience breathing difficulties at high altitudes.

  • Packing for Your Pet Pal:

Don’t forget the essentials! Pack a familiar blanket, favourite toys, and enough food and water for the trip. Familiar items can provide comfort to your pet during the travel experience.

Considering Cabin Companions:

Cabin companions can be an excellent choice for pets that get anxious during travel, but airlines have restrictions for in-cabin pets, and some may even ban certain breeds. Make sure to check these details carefully. Find the perfect airline with TIO and search for airlines that welcome pets in a cabin with all their fees listed.

Cargo Considerations:

For larger breeds or those not permitted in-cabin, airlines offer climate-controlled cargo compartments specifically designed for pet travel. While this may seem scary, airlines like Lufthansa or Emirates Airlines prioritise pet safety and comfort with dedicated pet care itineraries.

Pet-Friendly Airlines Taking Flight

Here’s a glimpse into some popular international airlines that welcome your pets.

  • For the Budget-Conscious TravelIer:

Airlines like South Korea’s Jeju Air or Europe’s LEVEL often boast lower pet fees compared to some competitors.

  • Luxury for Your Furry VIP:

Several airlines cater to the pet traveller. For example, Etihad Airways provides temperature-controlled pet kennels for cargo travel.

Airlines providing in-cabin pet accommodation

  1. Air Transat (Canada): Air Transat offers pet travel in the cabin on some routes, but restrictions apply. For example, the Maximum carrier size accepted at check-in is 122cm x 81.3cm x 89cm, and larger cages must be shipped via Air Transat cargo, and advance arrangements are required.
  2. WestJet and Eurowings: Both offer pet carriers that fit under the seat for a fee (restrictions apply: If the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 17 lbs (8 kg))
  3. French Bee: French Bee allows small pets in the cabin for a fee (restrictions apply)
  • Compare and choose: 

You can easily compare different airlines and their pet policies to find the best fit for your needs. Try T-Broker Marketplace.

On T-Broker Marketplace, you can compare different airlines and their pet policies and access comprehensive information about pet-friendly amenities, such as in-cabin pet accommodations, pet relief areas at airports, and pet travel accessories. With just a few clicks, travellers can find the best fit for their needs and ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey for their furry companions. 

Cosy Cabins or Spacious Cargo Holds?

Airlines offer two main options for transporting your pet:

  • Considering Cabin Companions:

Airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines or Swiss International Airlines allow smaller pets (think chihuahua or teacup poodle) to travel comfortably in the cabin with you. This can be a fantastic option for pets who experience anxiety during travel. However, there are limitations. 


  • It is less stressful for pets who are comfortable in your presence
  • More straightforward to monitor your pet’s well-being


  • Larger pets are NOT allowed.
  • Not all airlines allow pets in the cabin, but they can have them onboard
  • It may require additional documentation

You can learn about airline policies for pets in the cabin or cargo, pet carrier requirements, and onboard pet amenities with the help of Travel Ideas Online.

Price Tag: Pet Travel Fees

The cost of flying with your furry friend can vary depending on several factors.

  • Airline: Different airlines have their own base fees for pet travel, ranging from budget-friendly options to more premium carriers.
  • Pet Size and Species: Generally, larger pets require more space and may incur higher fees. 
  • Travel Distance: Expect to pay more for international flights than domestic travel. Some airlines may even charge additional fees for layovers exceeding a certain amount of time.

Generally, expect to pay a base fee plus additional charges for things like travel crates, vet certificates, and any in-flight pet amenities the airline offers.

Pro Tip: Booking your pet’s travel well in advance can sometimes lead to better deals on pet fees.

Travelling with your pet? Take the stress out with TIO!

By understanding these factors, you can compare costs across different airlines and choose the most budget-friendly option for your pet’s next jet-setting adventure!  Don’t let pet travel fees hold you back!  Whether on a business trip or a family vacation, TIO (Travel Ideas Online) helps you plan every step of the way. 

Our priority is your peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe and cared for throughout your travels. 

Thoughts along the way

Planning, familiarising yourself with airline pet policies, and understanding the additional considerations can transform your pet’s travel experience from stressful to perfect. Reputable pet travel organisations like Jet Set Pets can be invaluable resources for navigating the complexities of international pet travel.

With careful planning and the right airline, you and your furry friend can embark on unforgettable adventures together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, dust off those passports, pack the comfy pet carrier, and get ready to explore the world with your jet-setting companion by your side! Ready to jet-set with your furry friend? 

With TIO by your side, you can focus on the excitement of your trip, knowing your pet is safe and cared for. Let’s make pet travel a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved!

Use TIO to find the perfect pet-friendly travel options and create unforgettable adventures together!


  1. My pet gets anxious during car rides. Will they be okay flying in cargo?

Not all pets are suited for cargo travel. If your pet experiences anxiety during car rides, flying in cargo can be stressful. Consider discussing anti-anxiety medication with your veterinarian for the flight. Some airlines may also offer programs to acclimate pets to the cargo environment beforehand. Choosing an airline with a strong pet care program is important if your pet will travel in cargo.

  1. Are there any pet travel resources that can help me plan my trip?

Absolutely! Several reputable pet travel organisations and resources are available to assist you in planning your international pet travel adventure. The Pet Travel Industry Association (PTIA) is a great resource for finding pet-friendly airlines, understanding pet import regulations for different countries, and learning about pet travel best practices.

  1. Do any airlines allow large dogs in the cabin?

Yes, but it can be challenging. Most airlines have size and weight restrictions for in-cabin pets, typically catering to smaller animals. 

  1. What paperwork do I need for my pet to travel internationally?

Every country has different requirements for incoming pets.

  • Start with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website: This site provides a helpful tool to find the specific requirements for bringing a pet into your chosen destination country. 
  • Contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country: They can provide the most up-to-date information on pet import regulations, including any required vaccinations, health certificates, or permits.
  1. What airlines are pet-friendly?

Many airlines cater to pet travel, but the level of “pet-friendliness” can vary. Here’s a breakdown of some options:

  • Major Players: Airlines like American Airlines and Emirates Airlines offer pet transport services for both domestic and international flights. However,  be aware of size and breed restrictions, and in-cabin availability for pets might be limited.
  • Budget-Conscious Options: Airlines like Jeju Air or LEVEL often have lower pet fees compared to some competitors.

Luxury Pet Travel: Airlines like Singapore Airlines provide special pet amenity kits for in-cabin travel, catering to the discerning pet parent.

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